Funeral Pricing:

Thank you for considering the regions ONLY certified Life Celebration Home.  After rigorous training, our entire staff and facility was certified in creating a memorable “Life Centric” experience that only a Life Celebration Funeral Home can provide.  Please contact us to learn more about our unique philosophy and to learn why we are different than every other funeral provider in the area.

Our simple or direct cremation services begin at $3300.00 plus cash disbursements while our simple or direct burial services begin at $3300.00 plus cash disbursements and plus an alternative container. 

It is our desire that you have as complete an understanding as possible regarding the cost of our services - the largest factor is the time element in terms of our personnel and the use and of the funeral home facilities - itself.  The maintenance of this service and this building is never ending; that is, it must be available 24 hours every day of the year.  Ours, therefore, is a 168-hour week and not the 40-hour week, which is today the accepted standard.  The number of details are largely the result of one outstanding fact: no two funeral/cremation services are exactly alike!  We will work with you in co-creating a meaningful tribute that reflects your loved one’s life and carry out your wishes as you desire.

Please know that we make every attempt to price our services competitively.  We value the opportunity to care for your loved one. 
If cost is the determining factor in your selection of a funeral home, it is our policy to match any local competitor’s complete price for identical services.


Michael & Joseph Cinotti Owners